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I aspire – like the very best, to create experiences that feel unique.

Understanding the vision of every client I work with, backing it with hours of preparation and daring to improvise – is essential to reaching that in my opinion. 



My love and taste in music is broad.
I find it equally important to find out what my given crowd loves, what might be only a few peoples’ personal favourites, as well as presenting the music I love and embody as a DJ.


As an act I play genre benders, a lot of different styles of house, some hip hop and always a twist of the funk and originality. I also collaborate with some of the most talented artists, performers and musicians to create something spectacular.



I have ten years of experience from relevant industries such as restaurant, event and nightlife in varying positions. Latest as event manager and bar manager at one of the leading nightclubs in Norway at the time. 
This provided me with the opportunity of seeing a number of different DJs and styles from the clients’ and guests’ perspective, but also it inspired me to chase this music dream.

For a total of five years now I have set the vibe in all kinds of venues, parties and events and dedicate a lot of time and heart for this passion, but still balance it with a healthy lifestyle.


Last year I performed over 100 gigs and topped that number the following already in September ’18, and I am very grateful for the increasing demand for my services and contribution to your venues.

In 2019 I am looking forward to be working with some of the best managers and organisers, as well as with the most positive and exciting private clients and events. 

Not your typical  Dj ?

I don’t drink alcohol, I have a bachelor in Marketing- and Sales management, used to work in a large media agency, I love sports, trying to make it big in a Norwegian start up 9 to 5, I’m exactly 200cm tall, walk around with a crazy set of hair and a contagious smile.  And I love commas.