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Leonardo Woll

Making the moment feel closer to its true value 

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The First Guest

Leonardo's truest passion is on full display as the music gets louder.

You easily spot him in the DJ-booth, absolutely enjoying himself. 

Setting the tone of the room.  







The Story of Leonardo

Leonardo’s vision with playing music is best explained through one of his favourite quotes:

“We slip onto a realm where there is enough of everything. Where we are not trying to fill a void in ourselves, or the world. The boundary separating the self from the rest of reality grows blurry and time stands still. The clock does not stop, of course, but we do not hear it ticking”.


Even though it's cheesy with a quote, it truly represents his essence as a DJ. As a former bartender and nightclub-manager, Leonardo entered the field of music from the guest's perspective. Not caught up in what an individual thinks is cool, but expressions which feel universal, yet personal. 

In 2023 he has become one of the most exciting and sought-after DJs coming out of Norway. After seven years as a DJ he has played every major club in the capitol and at the most exclusive private events in the country. With his intoxicating immersion in the music it's easy to find yourself mirroring him smiling and enjoying yourself dancing.

Løkka, where Leonardo grew up, is an area in Oslo which now is known for its diversity, and hip new atmosphere, although when he grew up it was still associated as the home to the first industrial workers of the capitol. It became an area where a wide variety of nationalities moved and so he grew up with both Norwegian friends and other friends who's parents came from all parts of the world. 

In some ways this translates to his approach to his work with music as his tool. Always aiming to connect everyone together, with aspects of Latin American , Middle-eastern, Asian and African vibes together with the western upbringing and a deep love for hip hop, pop and house music.

As word travels, Leonardo has also been requested to play at private events at his first overseas gigs. Both at a billionaires’ exclusive event in Kenya last year, and a global summit this year in Miami, USA in addition to his gigs across the continent back home in Europe.


Leonardo is a name he carries, inspired by the late Leonardo da Vinci. 

With that comes a pressure to not just excel, but create uniqueness. And it perfectly sums up how he approaches a miniscule task such as finding a record, and pressing play - into a part of his vision.

“We slip onto a realm where there is enough of everything. Where we are not trying to fill a void in ourselves, or the world".

Whether it’s extravagant or fresh, dancefloor or dinner, beach or mountain

– this DJ reads the room and brings the sunshine.

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Leonardo Mauseth Woll

+47 94242595

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