Goldshot, Leonardo Mauseth Woll
has always had a love for music.

From being the only black kid listening to rock & electronica, to falling in love with old school hip hop as a youth, to discovering house as a bartender in his early 20’s. 

With his preference for playing instrument-driven house, bangers with bass, freestyle transitions, and a foot made for funk; his vision is to push us through our immediate musical identities.


What started out as a hobby five years ago has gotten him to the point of performing over 125 gigs last year as Goldshot. 

He has been booked to a large number of events and played for thousands in venues like Rockefeller, Salt, Vulkan Arena and Foynhagen. Goldshot also holds residencies in some of the trendiest clubs in Norway such as Christiania and Gamla Beat in Oslo, as well as Fire Fine in Trondheim.


He is frequently booked to a number of launches, kick offs, celebrations and private events and is aiming internationally after moving to Stockholm, Sweden. 

Leonardo is always pushing to explore more, and going further. He is known for being professional, positive and radiating love for his passion and career.



If you want to follow his journey or just check what he's up to


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